Predatek's most versatile lure. Sized to attract a range of predators. It's a right at home in fresh and saltwater, from shallows to the deep blue.  Great for barra, mangrove jack, trevally, estuary cod,  murray cod, golden perch, bass and others. Casts and trolls like a dream. 

Rugged Spoonbill is named for its broad, scooped lip. It swims in a narrow, panicky fashion that turns on killer instincts. Add a loud rattle and dazzling spectrum of color choices, and you know why Spoonbill is consistently one of the top selling Predatek lures.    

Cast it  Pitch close to structure like tree falls, rocks, weed beds, coral heads and drop offs. The high traction lip pulls it down into the strike zone quickly, and bounces it out of snag trouble. Pause frequently and let it rise a little before jerking into dive mode again. Keep alert as it rises, that often when it gets slammed by excited gamefish.   

Troll it  Spoonbill is an excellent trolling lure that can handle a good turn of speed up to 7 knots, firmly in blue water speed range. It is fast and tough enough to lure blue water marauders - yet can do a slow, in-your-face dance near cover to trigger an ambush. 




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    Spoonbill S85

    Spoonbill S85 has excellent hydrodynamics and industrial design. We understand fish behaviour and the art of applying these sciences to create innovative and productive fishing lures.  Body length - 85mm, Weight - 14g, Depth - 4.5 (15ft), Speed - 7...

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