Predatek's Classic medium runner. Jindivik is an aboriginal word meaning "The hunted one".  With its arrowhead lip and forward tow point, Jindivik is a unique design with a special action and low resistance shape for long distance casting.  A rugged Predatek best seller, this lure handles crank speeds or troll speeds up to 9 knots, an cuts ythrough the water with a narrow, rock'n'roll action. 

Jindivik casts like a bullet, thanks to it's compact, aerodynamic shape. When you want a plug for distance and accuracy, Jindivik is one of the best.  

Rock'n'Roll Action
This lure combines a side to side wobble with a rolling movement to create a fluid action favoured by barramundi anglers. Cast Jindivik in mangrove creeks and estuaries or troll it fast in the blue water. Either way, it will live up to its name and get hunted, hard and often.

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    Jindivik J80

    Jindivik is an aboriginal word meaning the hunted, and was the name given to a pilotless aircraft used as a missile target at the Woomera rocket range in South Australia. Jindivik is different! It has a unique bib design that cuts through the water and...

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