Arafura Tackle Gloves. Cotton Black Dot and Fillet.

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$3.30 - $16.50

Cotton Glove with Black Dots

These cotton gloves offer excellent holding power on mono or wire. They feature plastic spots on both sides of the glove.

They provide added grip on sometimes wet and slippery tag poles and gaffs. Anglers can also find that they provide a sure grip on reel handles when battling large fish if their hands become wet due to sea spray or sweat. Sold by the pair.


Fillet Glove(Single)

With plenty of fish to fillet for the table, you can do a faster, better and much safer job of things with Arafura Tackle fillet glove. This glove is flixible, durable, cut resistant and engineered for protection that gives you added protection when filleting fish.


Provides an excellent grip of slippery, scaly fish making the cleaning process fast and easy
Comfortable to wear, so great for your hands when there is long hours at the cleaning table ahead.
Easy clean material, simply machine wash in soap and allow to drip dry.
Offers cut resistant protection for your wet hands, which are wet and vulnerable to painful nicks and cuts.
The material is very flexible allowing you full dexterity for accurate cuts.