4.0" Yamashita Pearlescent Squid Jigs - Pack of 5

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Pack of 5:
All of same color
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Special Price Yamashita Squid Jigs

Yamashita are the industry standard in squid jigs with a wide variety of weights sizes and colours they are sure to have a jig to suit your needs and fool even the most wary of cephalopod. 

Yamashita have a patent on the slim nose design on the LIVE jigs. This slim nose helps impart a sharp darting action (more action with less effort from the angler)

Equipped with Super fine double crown stainless steel hooks thet provides better Hooking than regular Hook due to Sharp and wide Hooking area.

Available in 4 colors - Pink, Green, Blue and Orange

Size - 4.0 

Pack of 5